Cover Your Assets

The manufacturer told me the story of how this padded underwear got started over 20 years ago.  This was just at the time when the new high tech fabrics found a home in some athletic clothing.  Cool max was a new innovation at that time, and it was perfect for riding underwear.  Getting the patterning right was no problem since she had a sewing and designing background.  She was reminded regulalry that the price to pay for the joy of Dressage riding was a sore derriere,  and she wasn't the only one.  Since a good riders seat is one of her best assets, the name "Cover Your Assets" was born.  They were compared to diapers in their infancy (Pun) but they have filled a need for riders who get irritations and need that extra cushion. The pattern has only changed slightly in the 20 years of production.   They have been copied over the years, but these are the originals.  Made from 90% cotton and 10% Lycra they have above the knee length styling.  The shape of the pad is like full seat leather breeches, there are no seams in the critical contact areas or down the sides, and there is 2 inch wide lace elastic at the leg opening, so that panty lines are undetectable.  The lace elastic also holds them in place at just above the knee.  Fleece and Coolmax make up the padding .  That combination absorbs moisture and wicks it away, which breaks the cycle of friction and chafing.  During the past years the manufacturer has tried to improve this product using other innovative fabrics and product that come to the forefront, like gel or other types of wicking fabrics, but the concept never changed.  If your Dressage saddle is rubbing you wrong and you need to soothe your saddle sores, or just want to be more comfortable in your saddle and use your seat in the most effective manner possible, try "Cover your Assets".