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One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.
— Arthur Ashe

The Idea

     The name Equestrian Etc, to us, means the additional equestrian items needed by riders to make their experience complete. We don't offer the basics like saddles, bridles, boots or breeches, but the et cetera in between.
     Riding, training and showing, led us to search for the products that every rider needs in both their daily lives and when stepping into the show ring.
     We believe to have found some equestrian items which offer innovative changes to every day products such as;  padded underwear, training and lungeing equipment, saddle pad carry bags, and garment travel bags as well as those items needed to shine in the show ring including
stock ties, stock tie pins, and pocket points.


Style & Quality

     Our selection of equestrian luggage includes the Equi-Valet which is famous for keeping many collegiate teams organized at their competitions and horse shows.
     Our line of lungeing equipment includes the Measurite lunge line which has colored metered markers for accurate lungeing. Driving reins are offered in 30 and 24 foot lengths.
   The Equalizing Side Reins prevent the horse from leaning on the reins, and are the best way to use side reins without the side effects. We also have Draw Reins and a shearling Dressage short girth.
     Our equestrian underwear are the Cover your Assets undies that provide protection and comfort for any rider who sits in their saddle. These underwear are an essential for many riders.

100% Handmade  

        Our Stock ties are 100% Handmade by Equi-Logic, who is the creator of the Ruffled stock ties as we know them today. They also were the originator of the Tuxedo style stock tie. We also carry the pre-tied collars Tie One On, and pre-tied Stock tie Bibs.
     Our stock tie collection in the ruffled style has 18 different fabrics available.  Stock ties are the most popular with Dressage riders in all levels of competition and Hunter classics use them with their Shadbelly coats too. Our Stock tie pins are the tie tack style and include the finishing touch of a crystal to each unique design. Our Pocket Points will fit any Shadbelly pocket width and stay in place. Many of the fabrics available in the Ruffled style stock ties have matching pocket points available.