The Best Garment Bag!

The Equi-Valet is the best Garment Bag designed for traveling to Horse shows.  It hold 3 to 4 hanging garments in the back of the bag.  It has a built on Hat Box to carry your helmet. It has boot pockets that will fit even the tallest boots.  It has miscellaneous pockets for your Stock Tie, gloves and hair accessories.  Another for belts or socks or whatever.  It has double zippers so access is easy.  The inside is coated so it can be wiped clean, with a stiffener bar to keep the bag from sagging when loaded.  It also hangs longways over a hangar in your closet, so the night before a horse show you know all your important equestrian apparel is in one place.  If you travel by air it will go in the overhead bin so you are never seperated from your most important items.  It is available for Christmas in Navy or Black.